Why Successful Business Leaders Hire Coaches and Mentors

An ancient Hebrew Proverb 27:17 (NIV) says  “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another”.

Do you have someone in your life who you can speak to, trust, bounce different ideas off of and confidentially discuss business or personal struggles?

I’ve found that some of the biggest breakthroughs I’ve had in life is when I’ve worked with coaches.

Are you surprised to hear me say that I work with a coach?

You shouldn’t be. Having a coach you trust is of vital importance for your personal development and professional growth!

Just one small disclaimer. Some of us get caught up in terms. What I refer to a coach and mentor, some may say you have to hire an executive coach or getting business coaching services. For the purpose of this article I’m referring to someone who can help you develop your leadership skills using techniques or coaching programs developed to help top executives reach their goals and achieve a level of success that bring about positive changes in their business and personal life

A great coach listens to you and identifies your strengths, as well as areas which have an opportunity for development; he/she also provides an unbiased opinion, shines a light on areas of your life and/or leadership that you may be blind to, and simultaneously acts as a source of support and guidance when you need it most.

There is no shortage of people who claim to be a coaches and will offer you services with promises to transform your life/business in many ways. Here are a few things to consider when selecting a new coach or interviewing potential coaches:


You should choose your coach very carefully.  He or she should have the right combination of life and business experience, knowledge and expertise. If you’ve read it in a text book but not seen it implemented what good is that knowledge. Experience does matter!

You’ll also want to make sure your potential coach has the right tools and strategies to help refine your unique skills and strengths.  Their process should help you embrace and become the best “round peg” that you are. Their process should not try to make you fit into the “square hole” that is their coaching program.

In other words, they should have the skills to help sharpen you. Remember, a great business and life coach should inspire and motivate you, the leader, to become the best version of yourself, by sharpening your leadership skills and business savviness.


Did you know that many successful business leaders, coaches and consultants surround themselves with trusted mentors, advisors, or coaches?  Even Tony Robbins has utilized coaches and mentors.  The fact is, we all need people in our lives who can speak into our decisions at just the right time, to help us make better choices and become better people.

As a leadership development coach and consultant, I have surrounded myself with coaches and mentors, who have encouraged me to become a better leader and coach.   Two individuals have been journeying with me for several years now and I’ve recently enlisted the service of a marketing coach.  Regardless of their background or gifts, they all provide me with a level of comfort, guidance and ability to encourage me to tackle the areas in my life that needed sharpening.


Your coach, if you choose wisely, will be someone who will know very personal details about your life or business. If you’re not comfortable with being vulnerable with this person, this person is not the right coach for you. That’s okay.

It’s extremely important that you enjoy spending time with this person for that reason. You’ll be spending a lot of time together on coaching calls, team retreats, team trainings etc.

This is one area that I have not compromised in taking my own advice!

Today, I’m so grateful to have these individuals in my life, and I’m much better for it, as a business leader, husband, father and friend. Many of these individuals have also become more than a coach. They’ve become true friends. If this sounds strange to you, again, you’ve not found the right coach for you.


My marketing coach is someone who is passionate about business. He get excited about seeing business owners get the most out of their marketing efforts and actually seeing a result from the marketing that is being done.

Myself, I have a passion in assisting business leaders like you, who are seeking to raise the level of trust and communication in either their personal or professional life. Effective communication is at the foundation of all relationships that we have.

Find a coach that is passionate about their subject area. Just a warning, don’t misinterpret excitement for passion. There are a lot of coaches in the world that get very excited about their subject area but don’t really have a passion for it. As a leader of top performers, you know it when you see it.


As you prepare to raise your level of relational intelligence you’ll begin to develop an awareness and understanding of your own motivational values system. This will help you communicate more effectively with others, by learning how to appreciate and accept their differences.

One of my objectives when working with senior leaders is to elevate the effectiveness of leadership teams to a level that inspires and motivates company leaders to communicate more effectively and reduce the amount of time and money spent on dealing with workplace conflict. You will also see a natural increase in employee engagement, employee retention and productivity.

A secondary objective will be to develop a culture and mindset of respect, trust and collaboration, along with the importance of having meaningful dialogue. This ensures that poor habits and mis-communication doesn’t seep back into your orgainzational culture impacting your ability to achieve the company’s vision and goals.

With the right tools, you can intentionally create a working environment where people are collectively understood, appreciated and willing to work hard, to overcome any challenge your organization may face. In an environment where healthy dialogue is encouraged and discussions are productive, respectful and effortless I’ve found that there are lower conflict costs, improved team collaboration and better communication, and ultimately, higher profits.

Most importantly, you’ll know that the team coaching that you are receiving is building intelligent leadership in companies like your’s. We work with business professionals, business owners and executives that have a specific growth area that they would like to develop. These individuals are very successful people in their own right but know that with the proper leadership development, they will unlock hidden potential that exists within them.

Are you looking for a business coach who you can trust to be honest and truthful, shine a light on blind spots, and sharpen your overall communication effectiveness? If so, I would love to interview for the job and see if I’m a fit for what you’re searching for. Schedule a free Leadership Trust Call© now.

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