Why Does Opposition Become Conflict?

The other day I heard this quote from someone else and I thought this was a perfect answer to the above question.

“Work Hard Not To Offend Others, And Work Harder Not To Be Offended”

In personal or professional Relationships opposition (difference of opinion) can become personal and turn into conflict quickly. I’m sure you have also experienced this in the past.

Let’s Look At The Quote A Little Closer…

“Work Hard Not To Offend Others…” (control how you respond and speak with others)
“…And Work Harder Not To Be Offended…” (Don’t allow yourself to take things personally)

In Other Words…

When we don’t take comments personally, it is much easier to respond in a calm, kind, and productive manner.

I believe the writer of Proverb 15:1 was also trying to convey a similar message – “A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare.”

Key Take-Aways To Consider:

• Developing self-awareness and understanding the motives behind a person’s comments or perceived behaviours is part of the battle.
• Being able to see people’s strengths and perspectives from a different light without feeling like your personal values are being threatened, is also part of the battle.
• Knowing how to manage opposition without triggering the “Conflict Triggers” within you and others is KEY to experiencing productive discussions, collaboration, and strengthening of working relationships.

Therefore, develop the right awareness, insights and ways to prevent opposition from turning into conflict by not allowing it to become personal.

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