Why Developing a Coaching Leadership Style is Helpful to Fixing Employee Disengagement

All managers are coaches. It might not be listed on your LinkedIn profile, but you’re a coach. Your organization needs it, and your employees expect it!

Over 70% of employees want more feedback from you

Consequences When Coaching Falls Short

Outcomes of Good Coaching by Leaders

  • Creates a shared appreciation of individual motives to bolster the relationship between manager-direct report
  • Ability to tailor communication based on individual motives, preferences, and strengths
  • Lowers conflict which leads to a more productive and positive workplace and team environment
  • Increase in collaboration and innovation among team members
  • Stronger relationships based on trust and mutual respect

The Impact is Real

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Ask Yourself:

  1. How good is your Coaching and Development of your team members?
  2. Are your coaching efforts as Effective as you would hope?
  3. Do you find connecting with some individuals easier but more frustrating
    with others?

There are reasons why you may be experiencing a disconnect and frustration,
which can be quickly addressed and fixed with the proper guidance and insights.

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