What Does It Take To Be A Great Leader Today

Have you ever considered why Emotional Intelligence Development of Business Leaders is so important?

If you have then you’re further ahead than most of the people I speak to. But if not then I want you to consider this.

Developing your Emotional Intelligence (better referred to as EQ) equips you with awareness, understanding, and communication style that will dramatically improve the quality of your working relationships and team performance. At the core, you’ll be engaging in meaningful dialogue.

Ricardo Camara

In the old days, models and approaches to executive leadership and leadership development have become increasingly irrelevant and ineffective.

Is that your experience?

Remember when a successful leader was defined by his or her ability to assess situations quickly, make good decisions, take action, deliver results.

Today, what makes for a successful leader is how well they are able to motivate, inspire and empower others to achieving effective results.

I’m sure you’ve seen this shift yourself as well, haven’t you? This shift in the leader’s function is having a direct impact on the nature of their job and career. By the way, it’s not just the frontline that’s noticing this shift.

According to a study by Deloitte: “careers are no longer narrowly defined by jobs and skills but through experiences and learning agility.”

We all hear about agile teams, agile planning and even agile marketing, however, have you ever considered agile learning?

As a leader, you must rely on your talents and experiences to support and offer employees the autonomy to learn as they go. I’ll say that again, “offer employees the autonomy to learn as they go.”

Although that can seem scary at first, the result of this shift is business success and performance, which is dependant on people’s performance.

What Does This Mean For You?

This means that executive leaders who have developed Emotional/Relationship Intelligence (EQ) are finding it much easier to adapt and succeed under these new leadership conditions.

These leaders are:

  • Typically more empathetic
  • Have a higher ability to lead
  • Have a higher ability to motivate
  • Can inspire others to perform at an elevated level.

This shift doesn’t just apply to execute-level leaders.

These new leadership realities are having a similar impact on Team Leaders and on individual team members.

If you consider this it’s truly amazing!!!

This results in leaders that can handle and overcome difficult issues by quickly assembling cross-functioning teams.

You know from experience that teams are often compiled of individuals with diverse perspectives, skills and experiences. And, to no one’s surprise, whenever you are forced to assemble new teams of individuals from different backgrounds and talents, it often leads to interpersonal conflicts.

Leaders today must develop their skills in order to fully engage and manage individuals and teams in a more effective manner. If they don’t, most of their time will be spent managing interpersonal conflicts with team members.

How are leaders today supposed to get work done when the results of interpersonal conflicts are leading to unproductive behaviours, toxic working environments, and high conflict costs.

The question you need to ask yourself is, “What are organizations looking for now in 2020?”

Research and experience say that organizations are looking for their top executive leaders to have Four Key Leadership traits. These will also help separate you from the rest.

  1. Master Multiple Leadership Communication Styles
  2. Develop Effective And Collaborative Working Teams And Reduce The Cost Of Conflict
  3. Understand How Personal Filters Influence Our Perceptions Of Self And Others
  4. Build Strong, Trusting, And Collaborative Teams That Achieve Effective Results

All leaders can improve their own EQ and learn how to apply it more effectively when they are willing to invest their time and efforts in the right leadership development program and tools.

Ricardo Camara

How Do You Do That?

As part of their EQ Leadership Development, leaders must develop two key types of awareness:

  1. Understand why they themselves are driven to respond to situations in a certain way (intent/motives)
  2. Develop an awareness and acceptance of how others might respond to the same situation differently (different perspective)

On This Rock’s “Leadership Transformational Program” is designed to cultivate these two awareness types and then apply the steps to develop the necessary growth in these areas.

We apply the Relationship Awareness Theory and a suite of assessments with our coaching program to provide a simple and common language. This helps people to understand the true motives behind behaviours which helps to prevent and manage conflict more effectively while engaging in meaningful dialogue.

When applied within teams and organizations, this language dramatically improves the quality of working relationships, workplace performance and team effectiveness.

So how do we break this seemingly giant project into manageable chunks or tasks?

Contact us and we will walk you through this process. 

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