The Importance of Developing a Positive Mindset

“Our perception of the environment plus how we manage our environment controls our bodies and lives. If you change your perception, you can change your biology. You become a master of your life instead of a victim” from Dr. Leaf’s book, Switch on your Brain. What she is saying is that we have the power to control it and decide on the outcome.

Dr. Caroline Leaf uses scientific research which examines the complex nature of the human brain. She addresses how our thoughts directly impact the overall health of our mind, body and soul.

In a working environment, how many times have you felt that you were a victim of various circumstances? Have you noticed how your perception of a situation or of others negatively impacts how you respond and react to them? It is known that one cannot control what happens around them nor can they control the actions of others, which may be directly or indirectly impacting them. However, what you can control is how you react to these situations. The most powerful thing you have is your ability to control your own thoughts and actions that follow.

She further discusses the importance of managing our negative thoughts. “Not catching and stopping those thoughts leads to negative, toxic thoughts being wired into the brain; this can lead to depressive thoughts, which causes the body to go into stage two of stress.” Essentialy, Dr. Leaf’s point is that “everything you do and say is first a thought in your physical brain.”

As a result, your physical health showcases your negative mindset leading to the likelihood of irritability, anxiety, stress, frustration and anger. Unchecked, this causes one to respond negatively toward others.

Developing a positive mindset is the key to being able to manage toxic environments and relationships.  With individualized coaching, you too will be able to elevate your thinking and ability to respond in a more productive and effective way.

If we live with a healthy mind, heart and soul, we will experience a more happy and joyful life despite the negativity that may surround us. A healthy mind leads to a healthy heart, and a healthy heart leads to healthier relationships and a more fulfilling life. The essence of this truth is captured in Matthew’s writings in the Bible, “but the words you speak come from the heart- that’s what defiles you” (Matthew 15:18).

Consider This…

  • Are you struggling to understand other people’s perspective and actions in a positive way?
  • Are you finding it difficult to remain positive with everything that is going on around you?
  • Are you experiencing conflict in relationships at work and at home, even though your intentions are always good but the outcome is negative or less than desirable?

Personally, I have been there, and I can empathize with these kinds of emotions and struggles. My life changed six year ago, and since then it has been my purpose and passion to help others to succeed in overcoming the same. That is why we’ve created the OTR Transformation Program. This program combined with certified training tools, is making a difference in the lives, careers, and even marriages of leaders and individuals.

Dr. Caroline’s research confirms the type of work we do.

Our goal is to expose and address communication issues between individuals and develop self-awareness skills in order to resolve the reasons that govern unhealthy and/or unproductive thoughts and actions.  Additionally, we wish to help our clients uncover and build on their true motivation value system, strengths, and expand on their growth mindset. Once you identify your conflict triggers, then you can begin to work on effectively managing your thoughts, actions and words.

Awareness is half the battle. Willingness to do so delivers the rest.

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