The 5-Outcomes You’ll Achieve by Improving Employee Engagement

Creating an Accountability workplace will help solve employee disengagement and reduce the financial cost of conflict in your business.

A lack of Accountability and Commitment in the workplace can disrupt performance and trigger conflict. Accountability requires setting clear expectations and individuals taking ownership of their responsibilities.

As outlined in the previous posts, the financial impact on businesses due to employee disengagement is substantial. Ignoring this reality would be irresponsible, regardless of the size of your business.

The Impact of Employee Disengagement

On This Rock Business Consulting LTD uses Relationship Intelligence (RQ) to help leaders better understand what drives team members so that they can create Accountability.

RQ allows leaders to gain individual buy-in by connecting personal motives to their work and making it personally meaningful.

The results are greater Accountability, improved Employee Engagement, and mutually Agreed Commitment to the team and organization goals.

We equip managers to better understand team members’ motives and strengths so they can experience employee engagement and higher performance through mutual buy-in and Accountability. To do this effectively, leaders must develop a coaching mindset instead of the old manager style of leading.

Doing so enables leaders to define expectations better, discover what motivates individuals, and deploy the right strengths at the right time to drive Accountability. Our coaching program, combined with the CS insights and tools, reinforces and sustains their development by providing real-time tips to engage team members more effectively.

Typical Outcomes

  1. Managers develop a new Awareness and Understanding of the individual team members’ motives so that they can create trust and buy-in
  2. Greater Accountability within teams yields better performance
  3. Increased Engagement with the work, team, and organization
  4. Improved working Relationships and reduced Conflict
  5. Increased Profits

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