I just finished this training with Ricardo Camara. I found him to be thorough and attentive to your needs when training you.

“Wow! About the training. I have been in business for over 40 years and have been in senior management for most of my career. I have done and taught personality profiles and skills. The SDI core strength is exemplary. It showed me the way in what I do and how to handle conflict. It is an eye-opener of some of my skills and core strengths and how I use them.

I highly recommend this training to anyone wanting to advance their career and life.”

Michael Carter

I personally know the Visionnaire behind this business! And I support it 100%! He is asking the right questions and take the time to listen in order to give direct input into your situation, dilemma or puzzle for your business or yourself personally. Very trustworthy to work with.

Kerby Stivene

Ricardo has a great thought process, and he can easily identify any gaps and opportunities for process flow improvement.  He provides open and honest feedback in a very professional manner, and he believes in and encourages open communication.

Tina Francis

When I first began speaking with Ricardo I was a bit skeptical. But, to say I was surprised by my results would be an understatement! My Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) assessment and both my motivational value system and Conflict Sequence were spot on, pinpointing exactly how I looked at, and ultimately, dealt with every situation. This assessment, as well as Ricardo’s coaching, have allowed me to gain a better understanding of not only my own motivators and triggers but a way to quickly and easily see other people’s motivators and triggers as well.  I feel that Ricardo has been instrumental in all aspects of my personal growth which has spilled over into a better life, marriage, and career.

Scott Schulze

Ricardo Camara is himself a man of emotional intelligence, which makes him an excellent Life and Leadership Coach.

Gary Sharpe