“One Client At A Time” Sales Mentality

Many businesses struggle with this concept – “Helping One Client At A Time”. What does that really mean? (I’ll come back to this question in a moment)

Throughout my career, I’ve worked for organizations where the main focus was on getting the next client – “Dialling For Dollars” was a phrase often used.

Unfortunately, this meant once the client agreed to do business with you, they were passed on to the next person/group to continue with the process. Although there is some merit with this business model due to the scalability of the business and/or because the nature of the business you are in.

However, the reality is, in many cases, the client ends up experiencing, what I call, “buyers remorse” because their needs were never adequately developed and understood by the salesperson.  This is a common mistake that many salespeople make during the sales process – they rush to close the sale, so they can move on to the next sales call.

So what is the solution to this problem, you may ask?

Adapting a “One Client At A Time” mentality!

What does mean?

It means to…

  • Take the time to build a relationship with your client and get to know them.
  • Take the time to properly develop and understand your client’s needs and wants by asking probing and qualifying questions.
  • Help paint a picture in the client’s mind of their current situation – Pain points and struggles
  • Understand the leading causes of their current struggles, and why?
  • And then, assist your client to build the achievable future picture which includes the new solution to that solves their problem – “The Desired Result”

Once these are understood, then present your offering “The Solution” that achieves the desired results for your client. The objective is to make sure your service and/or product is the correct one to meet their needs.  If this is done correctly your client will gain a greater appreciation for the value of your service and/or product.

It’s like putting a puzzle together. Once you understand which piece(s) you’re client needs, then it’s easy to complete the entire picture.

As a result, the odds of your client experiencing buyer’s remorse is diminished, if not gone.  Instead,  they will feel great about their overall experience with you and your company, and they will be more confident in their purchase.  Thus increasing the likelihood of referring your business to their family and friends. They will also be more likely to become a repeat customer = Retained Customer

So, is there value to implementing a “One Client At A Time” mentality for your business???

Hmmm… I think so. How about you?

If this is an area that either you or your team is struggling with and you want to chat on how I can assist, please feel free to contact me

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