Life Coaching

Why Invest in Life Coaching?

We live in a society that is obsessed with individual accomplishments, business titles, education credentials, material things (houses, cars, etc.) and achieving a successful image.   Although all of these things can be an important part of our lives, I believe them to be just superficial reflections of our real selves.

Throughout my career and life, I’ve had many people teach me “what” to do and “how” to do things, and I adapted this very ingrained mentality and way of living. Working hard, achieving success, moving up the ladder, and purchasing nice things became an obsession of mine, as well.  Although I was able to achieve and accomplish lots of things along the way, I always struggled with the question: “what’s my personal motivation and purpose in life?”  Being unaware of my personal motivation value – the “why?”; the true reason driving me to do certain things, led me to experience a high level of frustration and dissatisfaction, despite the superficial successes I had achieved.

After spending 19 years of my life and career obsessing about these unsatisfying things, the purpose in my life became very unclear and confusing.  However, five years ago my life totally changed when I became fully aware of the importance of understanding who I really was at my core! Once I started to focus on my personal core motivation and understood the true driving factors that lead me to act and behave in a certain way – life took a whole new meaning for me!

When studying great leaders, past or present, they all have one common secret that has led them to achieved great success in their lives and careers:  they have all invested in themselves and becoming fully aware of there motivation and purpose in life. Being rich and achieving success became the result for them and not their main purpose for doing it! 

Once I started to focus on my personal core motivation and understood the true driving factors that lead me to act and behave in a certain way – life took a whole new meaning for me!

Ricardo Camara

These people understood the importance of obtaining in a Life or Business Coach and investing in their personal development. Even Tony Robbins, a well-known Coach and Motivational Speaker has paid a life and business coach. Today, he’s a successful billionaire; but that is simply the result he achieved and not his purpose for achieving it.

I believe my purpose in life is to help others avoid the same pitfalls and personal struggles that I, like many other people, have experienced in life. But instead, to share a more meaningful and effective way of doing life and professional career.  I believe in helping others achieve success in their business and in personal life by developing awareness and focusing on their core values and motivation.  Helping people to improve interpersonal relationships, wether professionally or personally, by applying and using other strengths, will help avoid unnecessary conflicts. 

That is why I fell in love with the TotalSDI suite of assessments. I believe it is an effective tool that provides clear, concise and effective insights about personal motivation, strengths and conflict management strategies. When I combined my leadership and life experiences with the SDI assessments, I believe my clients experience a very unique and effective one-on-one coaching journey. I have been able to move clients from a place of frustration, confusion and conflict into a new life, filled with purpose, peace and meaningful and productive dialogue.

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