How Leaders Can Improve Toxic Working Environments?

The Importance Of Restoring and Strengthening Working Relationships…

Throughout my career, I’ve held several senior leadership roles in multiple industries. As a result, I have witnessed and fully understand how workplace conflict, performance issues, and employee disengagement are primarily symptoms of ineffective communication in organizations.

These quickly result in a toxic working environment which has a huge financial impact on any business!

The ability to identify an individual’s strengths and understand their core motives is one of the keys to restoring and strengthing any relationship.

Unfortunately, many managers struggle to build strong, collaborating, and performing teams because the management training or coaching programs they have received are not effective. These typically focus on what you should do, and how you should do it, as it relates to how to lead people and how to manage negative behaviours, performance issues, and interpersonal conflicts.

Sadly, many managers haven’t received the proper leadership transformation tools and training to effectively deal with these situations.  One that develops the awareness, understanding, and ability to crack open the mystery that is in the Why question – The Reasons/ The Motives/ The Intent behind behaviours and actions. 

Developing the awareness and understanding of the “WHY” – The Core motives driving someone to respond in a certain way is the main KEY. 

That is why I’m passionate about the work I do through On This Rock Business Consulting (OTR). This work allows me to have a one-on-one with business leaders with a particular focus on how to restore and strengthen working relationships.  Transforming their leadership effectiveness, employee performance, trust, and morale, while improving the working environments and reducing the cost of conflict – increase profits!

OTR’s Leadership Transformation Program provides a holistic and in-depth approach to leadership, relationships, and communication issues and it offers a comprehensive and effective solution.

We can also deliver this training program virtually to organizations for individual leaders, managers, and/or teams as part of their corporate development programs.

As you all know…

The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expect different results.

Therefore, if you are looking for a solution that provides different and better results, where increased team collaboration, trust, productivity, leadership and communication effectiveness are possible at all levels of your organization, then let’s talk.

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