How Are You At Coaching For Performance?

If you are like many leaders, you have participated in many leadership training programs where the common focus is on:

  • How to identify the problem – The What
  • How to fix the problem – The How

However, 99% of these leadership training programs seem to fail to address, what I believe to be the most important questions – The Why.

Developing the awareness and understanding of the reason why something is happening or why someone is behaving in a certain way is extremely important to developing an effective plan that deals with What (the problem) and How (solution).

As leaders, coaching for performance requires the development of Relationship Intelligence (RQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Do you want to develop the ability to lead, motivate, and inspire others to perform at a higher level, while gaining insights to effective ways to manage and coach through challenges and opportunities?

To learn more about how Relationship Intelligence (RQ) can change performances, strengthen relationships, and improve working culture, connect with me to schedule a free webinar for your team.

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