Empowering Leaders To Dramatically Reduce The Cost of Interpersonal Conflict and Increase Profitability – Emotional Intelligence!

Our services are designed for CEOs, business leaders, and individuals who are looking for leadership development, one-on-one coaching, and corporate training in the area of emotional intelligence development. 

Understanding your Motivation Value System (MVS), Top Strengths, and Conflict Sequence is the first step. Knowing how to apply the insights, strengths, and manage interpersonal relationships more effective is the next step which requires awareness, effort and coaching.

Interpersonal conflict is an expensive reality for many organizations.  Conflicts have a devastating impact on the business bottom-line and growth, as well as employee productivity, health and morale.

Did you know leaders with high Emotional Intelligence develop greater empathy, resulting in improved ability to lead, motivate and inspire their staff to perform at their highest level? If you are a leader looking to raise your leadership effectiveness to the next level, then you may benefit from our 1-on-1 coaching program.

Our six-month coaching process utilizes the TotalSDI Suite of assessments to help unlock and simplify the mysteries of personal motivations. We go beyond the surface with you, by diving into the root motives behind behaviours. We identify your Motivational Value System and analyze how it is being applied under two conditions: 1) when things are going well; 2) when you are in conflict.

TotalSDI Assessments

This process has the effect of helping you to understand who you are (Strengths Portrait), how others see you (Strengths Overdone Portrait), and ultimately how you lead and work with others (Conflict Management). With an understanding that goes to the “WHY” (Motives) of behaviours in relationships, you can contribute more effectively to your team and exponentially improve workplace perform.

As a leader, we help you increase your emotional intelligence to deal with workplace interpersonal conflict more effectively. It’s all about People, Performance, and Process!

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