Are you struggling with your relationships at work and home?

Consider On This Rock Business Consulting (OTR) to help you through these struggles.

Relationships, both professional and personal, are not easy to manage, period! This is especially true and much more difficult when we do not have the right insights, tools, and guidance.

OTR has the transformation programs to help you.

Here are few comments from one of our clients (a psychotherapist):

  • “I knew I would experience some sort of transformation from our 1-on-1 coaching sessions, but I didn’t expect it to be at this level…”
  • “I wish I would have come to you two years ago, before my divorce…”
  • “I knew some of the things I was doing wrong (as a leader) but I didn’t know how to change it…”
  • “Things that would’ve triggered me before (internal conflict) they don’t now…”

As a leader, I understand the pressures and demands we must deal with daily. At times, it may feel like successful outcomes fully rest on our shoulders.

I believe our intentions are genuine and meant for good, but we do not always know how to respond to difficult situations. Have you ever experienced a situation where someone’s reaction or perception was much different than what you intended?

There are specific reasons for this, but it requires personal development to overcome them. 

Myself, I went through a period in my life where I struggled to manage, both personal and professional relationships. Thankfully, I experienced a transformation 7 years ago that not only saved my life, my marriage, and my family but also changed the course of my career and purpose.

Today, I am helping many leaders (many are men) on how to restore and strengthen their relationships, both at work and at home.

Some of our focus is on:

  • How to transform the results in your business without changing who you are at your core
  • How to elevate your leadership style and communication so that you can motivate, inspire, and coach team members to increase their performance, collaboration, and communicate more effectively
  • How to restore and strengthen your relationship with your spouse so you no longer see her as  “the wife” but instead as your “bride”
  • How to develop a new balance between heart, mind, and spirit

To discover how you too can experience a transformation in your leadership, relationships, and life, consider OTR Business Consulting as a possible solution.

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