About Us

Our Mission

On This Rock Business Consulting (OTR) helps Christian Business Leaders achieve better results in business and life through Relational Intelligence.

Our purpose is to help equip leaders with unique insights, methodology, and principles that can restore, strengthen, and improve their relationships, their leadership, and their lives.

We believe, that in our effort to fulfill the important command to Love Others, we all need to develop a greater level of self-awareness. Self-awareness releases the power of intentionality and commitment into a profound difference to impact others as a leader. It unleashes unprecedented and sustainable growth into our professional, personal, and spiritual lives.

Good business stands on the foundation of relationships. Without trust, business is not even possible. Significant impact is experienced when professional and personal relationships are restored and strengthened. Relationship Intelligence helps leaders achieve the balance needed for greater employee respect, patience, and compassion that seamlessly translates to becoming greater husbands and fathers.

OTR is all about developing awareness of the core values and strengths of leaders so that they can master Relationship Intelligence empowering compassionate hearts, humility, and patience.

Core Values

  • Faith – Is the foundation on which I stand as a man, husband, father, and leader.
  • Family – Is the reason and the responsibility we have to ensure all of our relationships are strengthened, restored, and nurtured.
  • Love – Is a command by our creator – “to love God with all our heart, soul, strength, and mind, and to love others as yourself.”
  • Purpose – Is accepting that we are His workmanship, created for good works in Christ, which God prepared beforehand so that we should walk in love and obedience to serve according to His will for us.
  • Wisdom – Is required to conquer the struggles in our lives, in relationships, and in professional work.

About Me

Ricardo Camara is a man of faith, married to his high school sweetheart of 26 years, and a father of two. He is a Leadership and Relationship Transformation Coach/Consultant at On This Rock Business Consulting Ltd.  

As a leader, Ricardo has over 20 years of sales management and leadership experience in multiple industries. During his tenure as a Sales Manager in the financial industry, he was recognized as the top sales leader for his ability to motivate and achieve results. One of his strengths is his ability to develop strong and productive sales teams through his effective coaching and leadership style.

In his current role, he helps business leaders and individuals improve their communication effectiveness and relationships so that they experience better engagement and higher productivity.

He coaches, consults, and conducts corporate training workshops on more effective ways to improve communication, collaboration, and trust within teams; how to achieve results through the development of Relationship Intelligence (RQ). The coaching programs utilize a unique RQ methodology, tools, and kingdom principles.  

Ricardo has discovered a deep correlation between business success and fostering strong relationships in his personal, professional, and spiritual life.

He is a certified CoreStrengths Relationship Intelligence (RQ) coach/trainer based out of Cambridge, Ontario.

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I am devoted to helping leaders like you experience a transformation in all of your relationships without changing who you are at your core. Send a message below to learn more.